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The Biggest Winners in Roulette

In the world of Unibet gambling it is difficult to find a rush with warmth and tingle like the one when your ball drops into the well of the number you have chosen on the roulette wheel. It truly is a great feeling, and the bigger the bet the more tumultuous the tingle. But who has had the biggest tingle of them all?

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell was a professional gambler from the UK who literally put it all on the line. Revell sold everything that he owned, flew to Las Vegas, walked into the Plaza Hotel and Casino and placed $135,000 on red. The dealer spun the wheel and no doubt Revell’s life flashed before his eyes. A minute later and he was $270,600 better off after the silver ball landed on the red number seven.

Chris Boyd

Another British gambler and another case of lucky red number seven. Chris Boyd managed to save $220,000 over a three-year period before heading to Sin City to see if he could double up. It took him a while, but eventually he found a casino willing to increase its stakes to allow Boyd to make his bet of $220,000. It was the Binion’s Horseshoe Club in the Downtown area that accepted the bet, and after selecting red, the ball landed on red seven.

Billy Walters

In 1986, an American businessman called Billy Walters flew into Atlantic City and asked a casino if they would raise their roulette table limits if he placed $2 million in their cash desk. The casino agreed and Walters started to bet $2,000 per spin on five particular numbers, making his bet $10,000 per spin. Walters continued to bet in this fashion until the worried casino had to stop Walters from playing. It is rumoured that Walters won $3.8 million after he found a biased wheel.

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